My work often starts with close observation of mundane activities. Plentiful of gathered observations enable me to create visual dialogues where the ideas distilled through observations manifest in movement, figures, shapes and also in coherent choices of materials. They eventually become the most apt instruments for perceiving the world around me. 

As observation is an ultimately private act, it is inseparable from one's reflection on personal space. The contemplations on personal spaces and continuous search for responsive materials have been demonstrated in different adaptation of fiber, paper and books. 

Handmade paper, with its intriguing process of making and boundless possibilities of adaptation has been served as the major impetus of my creation. Contained with fragile and vulnerable qualities of paper, the tactile layers are to capture traces of accumulated time and fragmented introspection.

I’ve always tried to contain the fragile and vulnerable qualities of paper while narrating my personal journey as an observer and exercise in remembering certain conditions of an individual being.